Terms & Conditions
GH Car Rental general terms and conditions:

The following terms and conditions form only a part of the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement, hereafter to be called RA.
Use of the vehicle:
Only the person(s) identified as Driver(s) in the RA may operate the vehicle.
Driver(s) must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. You must keep the vehicle locked at all times when it is unattended.
You agree to maintain tire pressure, fluid and fuel at the proper operating levels and to immediately report any defect to us. Each car is provided with a spare tire and the necessary tools. In case of a flat tire the renter is responsible for replacing this tire and also for the costs of repairing the flat tire.

Return of vehicle:
You must return the vehicle and the other items you rented from us, including GPS and baby seat(s):
• In the same condition in which you received them,
• To the return location and by the return date and time as stated in the RA, where the return time is the same time as the time you picked up the vehicle.

If you want to extend the rental period for longer than the term specified in the RA, you must contact us at least 24 hours in advance

You will be responsible for the vehicle and other items rented and the rental period will continue until and with we make our final inspection of the vehicle and other items rented.

Charges and Payment:
You agree to pay up front or on our demand for the period up until return to, or recovery by us of the vehicle and other items rented:
• All charges at the rates as detailed in the RA.
• The cost of repair or replacement or loss or damage of the vehicle and other items rented where ever loss or damage covered by us does not apply.
• All fines, fees, penalties and / or other similar charges incurred by you or any other driver of the vehicle.
• Fees and late fees incurred if the vehicle and other items rented are not returned by the return date, place and time in the RA

For additional items and services or insurances our rates are the following:
• baby seat $ 5 per day • GPS $ 5 per day
• All risk insurance $ 10 per day • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) $ 15 per day

Loss or damage:
In case of any accident you must immediately contact CRS ( tel. 199) In case of any accident involving loss or damage to the vehicle you are liable for; and you do not have All Risk insurance, you are fully liable for all costs involved. If you included All Risk Insurance in the RA you are only liable for damages up to USD 500; for which your security deposit will be used. If an accident has been caused due to any traffic violation, any insurance will be automatically declined and you will be fully responsible for whatever damage.

GPS and baby seat(s):
Prior to leaving the rental premises, you must verify that the GPS is functioning. If you have taken All Risk insurance or CDW, we will not waive your responsibility for any loss or damage to the GPS or baby seat, even though they are considered to be an accessory to and part of the Vehicle. Your liability in the event of any loss or damage to the GPS will be $1000 (USD) or the cost to repair the GPS, if repairable in our discretion, including a reasonable administration fee for handling. For the baby seat this amount by loss is $ 400

By taking the Vehicle out of the rental premises, you confirm that you take the Vehicle in the condition set out in the vehicle details and conditions report below; with manufacturer supplied tools, tires, accessories and equipment, keys and any other items specified on the vehicle details and condition report or in the RA.

You must return the car with a fuel reading equal to the check out fuel reading in the RA. If this amount is less, we will charge the difference at a charge higher than the normal rates, NO refunds on gasoline are made.
If the keys of the rented car are lost USD 300 will be charged; if you have locked your keys in the vehicle a fee of USD 20 will be charged.
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